Live from the 4th Grade Pet Detectives!

On March 23 the 4th Grade Pet Detectives hosted a series of presentations where they shared important facts about animal abuse and tips for how to care for your pet. They wrote, directed, and edited the video you are about to see. PLEASE share your feedback, we would LOVE to hear from you!! 

The 4th Grade Pet Detectives are planning for their presentation! In this picture they are taping a segment for their TV Show! 

Are you ready? This is a trailer introducing our TV Show! 

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT??? This is our TV Show that we created to help spread the word about animal abuse. We shared this video with the students in grades K-4 in our school. We wanted them to learn about animal abuse so that they can learn how to care for their pet! Please watch out TV show and leave a comment.

Thank you for stopping by!!

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KWE said...

This is great! I am encouraged when i see young people get involved with social issues! Kudos to you and your students!

cat said...

Great job 4th Grade Pet Detectives! Keep up the good work!!

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